a very happy neighborhood

At 22:00 she would come out looking for him Would call out his name and eventually find him by the sandbox or the slide and would dust him off a bit and take him home and feed him As she’d put him to bed she’d kiss his face, sometimes his mouth and he’d ask, “Why did you do that?” and she’d reply, “I don’t know. But did you like it?” And he’d either nod or say yes, knowing that it’ll make her smile and then she’d cuddle with him until he’d fall asleep and whisper in his ear that she always wanted to have a little boy just like him and that he was making her unbelievably happy just by existing in the same room with her She was the best neighbor he could have dreamed of She gave him all the attention his mother gave to her bottles and her guy friends and everyone was very happy

a very happy neighborhood

Published by Lucky Osinachi Nwachukwu

I'm a Pilgrim on a pilgrimage to a place of no return. Aren't we all?

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