Get To Know/not Know Lucky

Describing myself isn’t a walk in the park, believe me. I honestly think I am an overlap of people’s observations. Here’s a toast to a genuine attempt by yours truly.

Lucky is a blunt but honest personality whose second nature is prevarication and sarcasm.

Osinachi is the Okpara of an Igbo clergyman and a dogged but late business woman; a humble, respectful, shy and, at times, timid dude.

Nwachukwu is the big bros of his siblings, the pacesetter of the family, an inspiration to himself, siblings, cousins, friends and enemies.

Lucky Osinachi Nwachukwu is a Christian, a medical student, a writer, an upcoming what else do you want to hear? He hails from Imo State, Nigeria.

He hopes to present wholesome poetry in, the uniqueness, the image of himself: as per his own brand of poetry.

“…It’s okay, okay you’re welcome…” (In the voice of Mawi in the animation movie, Moana)

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