New Beginning

There’s a song ofA picture-perfect sunrise,On a backdrop ofA timeless circle of day-and-night,Heralding a new beginning:A song of songsAbout hope and faith,Meant to spite facts whenDistance is the new close,Rough, the new smooth,Change, the new stagnantAnd recession, the new economy.This song is a call to revolution,To be heard by all and sundryOr by the selectContinue reading “New Beginning”

Beautiful People

That’s just who we areWe are just beautifulBecause beautiful people:Are not unbroken peopleLiving in unbroken homes,Parts of an unbroken system;Captains of the hardshipsWho laugh in the face of death,‘Cause they’re born from dearth. Yes, that’s just who we are,We are just beautifulBecause beautiful people:Spit in the face of hopeAnd laugh at the lack of hope,Don’tContinue reading “Beautiful People”

Burn out

False starts and Restarts,False stats and Real stats,Four cardinal points ofTwenty-twenty’s compass. Walk outs and fall outs,Tap outs and burn outs,Fallouts of social distancingBetween responsibility and service. Fade outs and Black outs,The vision of waftAnd draft’s mission onA candle’s ‘tip’ical alter ego. Wear and Tear,Fears and Tears:Burn out’s signs and symptomsManifesting, firstly, in secret places.Continue reading “Burn out”


I am tired,wired to participate in what I believe not;A little blot, a little dot, a little spotAnd water is contained in a pot!What is the calibration of trouble?What can be built on rubble? Surely, hope maketh not ashamedFor the weary Pilgrim’s eyes are inflamed,And you can’t compare his soul-soresTo Job’s sores. The weary, depressedContinue reading “Hope-less”

Same quality that ignites cold fire And keep it burning Also makes darkness shine As there’s no disparity between A spoilt light bulb that never shone And a black stone that’ll never shine

On processing pain

… Because it’s poetry Thursday. Though I’d not particularly call myself a poet, I do love poetry. My favorite poet is Pierre Jeanty and I absolutely love his collection of works, Watering your soil. Find below beautiful poetry from that collection. One of my favorites from Pierre. Even in the toughest seasons,you must learn toContinue reading “On processing pain”

apoetric musing

At a point in life, you must have felt that your heart is heavy; but have you ever felt that it’s weighing up to a minimum of 25kg and still you are expected to carry it around on just two legs that are increasingly wobbly and leaden arms that are too dead and too stiffContinue reading “apoetric musing”

Birth of Poetry! A slice of love,  blanket of gloom, swirl of ecstasy, fusillade of anger, echo of laughter, whiff of freshness, pain of heartbreak, onus of responsibility, pleasure of passion, tinge of envy, grace of maturity, tussle of thoughts, turmoil of decisions, rut of the mundane, voice of truth, veil of deceit, thrill of adrenaline, silenceContinue reading “Birth of Poetry!”

Truth is a bitter pillSome like it coatedMany don’t like it at allMajority prefer a placeboof fabricated truthOr a syrup of liesFalsehood is mostly asymptomaticBut leads to end-stage disease I’m sorry, but it’s better for youto be unhappy with meOn account of how bitterthe truth isThan for you to be happy with meOn account ofContinue reading


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